Kinesiology Training Foundation Levels 5-6

"Thank you for a brilliantly fulfilling few days learning Kinesiology Levels 5&6. Your teaching style and depth of knowledge, as usual, make for an incredibly enjoyable few days. I got so much out of it. The combination of learning new kinesiology tools, practicing them and experiencing them being practiced on me. Plus the healing of any unbalances, makes for a potent mix!  For anyone who's completed ASK Kinesiology Levels 1-4, I would highly recommend Linda's Kinesiology Foundation Course Levels L5&6 in Brighton"

If you loved levels 1-4, you will be ASTOUNDED by levels 5-6

*  Systematic Kinesiology Foundation Levels 1-4 are a pre-requisiteKinesiology levels 5 and 6
*  Approved by ASK - the Association of Systematic Kinesiology
*  Approved under KNOS (National Occupational Standards)
Required if you want to charge clients a fee for kinesiology sessions
*  Required as a bridge to Kinesiology Professional Diploma Course
*  Suitable if you have completed ASK Kinesiology Levels 1-4 and want just a bit more

20 more muscles to test and treat within the 5 element structure covering shoulders, adrenals, ankles in particular
  •  Additional techniques for structural imbalance
*  Origin and Insertion massage
*  Spindle Cell manipulation
*  Hidden weakness
*  Sustained weakness
*  Fascia testing and massage
*  Stretch induced weaknesses
*  Reactive Muscles
*  Where it is it isn't
  • Cloacal energy
  • Realms finger modes
  • Alarm points and more on 5 elements
  • Putting it all together - balances on shoulders, ankles, hips etc...