Bach Flowers

One of my favourite areas of my work with clients is the use of Bach Flower Essences for emotional stress or “stuckness”.

The reason its so rewarding is that we can muscle test the remedy that is relevant to the emotion and this can be surprising.

For example:  a client may “have a fear of heights”, so we muscle test that and it doesn’t show as relevant (ie the muscle stays locked)

So we could ask – is it a fear of getting vertigo OR is it a fear of mountains/stairs/cliff edges OR is it a fear of falling….. this way we can get very specific with the remedy required – although they are all “fear” (aspen or mimulus maybe), it could be lack of confidence (which could be larch).  Then with the remedy combined with our therapeutic techniques we can eliminate or reduce the fear and replace (maybe) with excitement or an alternative positive emotion.

Another example could be obsessing with hand washing….   So is the client scared of being ill or feeling dirty or making other members of the family ill by passing on germs – each of these individual emotions could require a slightly different remedy

Then if the client really just doesn’t know – or can’t think, we can do my favourite thing of all and just muscle testing the whole box of remedies either by asking the client to just “pick one” or systematically dividing them up by process of elimination.  So if PINE comes up we can explore feelings of self recrimination, if CHESTNUT BUD feelings of going round in circles or not learning from past mistakes, if SCLERANTHUS it could be struggling with indecision and so forth….   They are really powerful, gentle and a great addition to my Practice

My goal is to make Kinesiology a household name and to make Kinesiology a discipline that EVERYONE wants to have and learn