My Approach to Gut Health

This is probably the most frequent complaint that clients present with initially and can encompass:

gut ache  
  • Vague stomach ache
  • Bloating – before or after eating
  • Pain and cramping
  • Heartburn
  • Constipation
  • Loose Stools
gut ache2 

People tend to use the term “stomach ache” to describe pain from under the breast area to the pubic bone..!!   This pain could be emanating from stomach, small intestine or large intestine, and the first thing I do as a Kinesiologist is to see where the imbalance is manifesting in terms of muscles.  So I would test muscles relating to the:

  • stomach
  • small intestine
  • large intestine, as well as the
  • liver
  • gall bladder and
  • ileo caecal valve

As always with kinesiology, if the muscle relating to at organ is weak, it doesnt mean there is something "wrong" with the organ.  Depending what comes up I can then prioritise to see which order the body would like to be treated in and also establish which main realm of imbalance is contributing to the issue –

  • emotions
  • chemicals – on skin, food sensitivities
  • nutrition (or lack of it.!)
  • water and dehydration
  • structural imbalance in the muscle - or surrounding muscles
  • electrical energy

This ensures that the treatment is holistic and thorough.  It never ceases to amaze me, even now after years as a Kinesiologist, how much emotions are involved in our health - particularly the gut - so as well as making suggestions for dietary changes where necessary, emotional thoughts and situations are also gently tested and discussed to see how much of a contributing factor they are. 


"It was great to meet with you after personal recommendation from a friend.  Before you met my daughter, she had regular stomach cramps and was waiting for a consultant's appointment as there was no obvious cause or pattern.  After Kinesiology, you quickly identified food and chemical products that she reacted to and recommended for these to be eliminated from her diet / lifestyle.  Following your advice, quick results were seen, and she has not had severe stomach cramps since.  Thanks so much - such a simple, pain free system that has worked wonders for her (and me!)."  RS Storrington


Homework and lifestyle change is extremely important in continuing the benefits of the treatment.  I may recommend a course of supplements depending what the main issue appears to be.  Psyllium and Water can be extremely helpful in retraining stubborn bowels to open whereas gentle herbs and/or probiotics may be needed where the problem is the opposite.!  B complex is great for calming a stressed nervous system, as is magnesium.  Stomach enzymes can help - particularly with reflux as most people have too little stomach acid rather than too much and an acidic environment is required to digest and break down food.  Bach flower essences are a very gentle and non-invasive way of calming emotions.  Excess alcohol is a great stressor on the liver as is caffeine.  Colloidal silver is fantastic as a help for excess candida and infection.  However I don’t give my clients long lists of supplements to take and foods to cut out (although intolerances can be a major factor - not just wheat and dairy either).  We work together to discuss what is do-able for them at that time, however I have to be honest with them without being brutal.!!  After all they are paying for my time and experience and I would be cheating them if I didn’t help them overcome the obstacles to change and better health.  The beauty of kinesiology (or one of them) is that a seemingly endless list of supplements and treatment techniques can be narrowed down as a priority for the individual client at that time, and nutrition is only one quarter of the whole treatment.

I’ve had some great successes with clients gut problems – some have been within the first treatment, others take a bit longer depending on how deep seated the problem is and how much they are able to take on board where changes are required.  I know I have a large tool-kit of techniques and ability to help with most clients. 

It’s important to stress that I would always advise formal medical allopathic help where required to rule out the possibility of more sinister diagnosis and I never advise clients to not take medication that has been prescribed to them – although my clients often find their way to me as a last resort as they have exhausted all formal medical intervention.

I took the plunge to visit Linda after several recommendations. I have had continual problems with my stomach cramps for the past six years, sleeping badly and had a persitant twitching eye all of which had left me exhausted over a very long time. I really was struggling to get through the day. I have been under the hospital for the last three years with no results.  After my first session with Linda I had the best nights sleep since I can remember and my twitching eye disappeared overnight. I have continued to have good sleeping patterns with only the odd night of bad sleep occuring. The treatment Linda gave me was very simple and easy to follow. Basic dietary changes and minerals which I had been lacking. Linda was absolutely spot on with my stomach problems - which related to RICE not Wheat - and these have all gone. I no longer have any pains and have been able to introduce wheat and food containing gluten back into my diet after confirmation from the hospital that it was not Coeliac disease. Linda wasnt convinced it was Coeliac disease from our first session. I truly believe I have achieved more in the three sessions with Linda, than the past three years under the hospital who have really been at a loss to find the cause of my stomach pains. I can't stop raving about how good this treatment has been!!



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