Retained Primitive Reflexes

Primitive (Primary) Reflexes are automatic movements which are directed from the brain stem to assist babies' survival during the first weeks and months of their life. These have to become inhibited by higher brain centres which will allow more sophisticated neural structures to be developed. If they are not properly and thoroughly integrated, they can inhibit neurological development.

Some of the difficulties encountered by a retained primitive reflex are on the left here.

What Makes a Retained Primitive Reflex Session Different ?

With the benefit of kinesiology testing we can quickly identify which retained reflexes may be contributing to a clients problems and correct those that need a balance in the correct order for the client as its important they are integrated in the right way.  Also there are a multitude of additional techniques within kinesiology that can assist in the integration and balancing process


Initial consultation and session is £75 and follow up sessions are £65.Suitable for Adults and Children alike

Training for Kinesiologists can be found here:

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