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Food Testing KinesiologyDo you think your food is making you illFood Testing Kinesiology
Do you feel tired, bloated, edgy
Do you have headaches, stomach ache
Are you struggling to lose weight

Do you feel like this?

...and want to feel like this

  Food Testing Kinesiology Food Testing KinesiologyFood Testing Kinesiology Food Sensitivity KinesiologyNEW Trumpet Woman  Food Sensitivity Kinesiology
You could have a food sensitivity or intolerance
When people talk about kinesiology, they do generally think in terms of food sensitivity testing. Although this is not all we do, it can be a very important part of establishing the cause of people's discomfort.   It can be a real "lightbulb" "aha" moment for the individual to experience a previously strong muscle going weak when certain foods are placed on the body, and can be a real turning point in them making changes which positively benefits their health and wellbeing.  Sometimes the food itself can be a surprise - it may be something traditionally thought of as "healthy".  Remember  that saying : "one mans meat is another mans poison"
I never "take someone off" a food and certainly will never give them a whole list of foods "not to eat".  The aim is for the client to feel which are having the most negative effects on the strength of their muscle and for the client to decide and prioritise what they feel most comfortable doing.  There are techniques I can give to help with motivation, discipline and self control, but will never impose these on someone.
It must be said however, that finding and even temporarily eliminating an offending food can completely change people's lives.   Clients have reported to me that headaches, tiredness, bloated feelings, blocked sinuses and insomnia disappear.    Read my testimonials.Of course its important not to ignore symptoms that may require medical intervention, however most of my clients come to me AFTER medical intervention has been exhausted.
As I've said before food sensitivity is just ONE element of kinesiology and the nutrition, emotions, vascular points, lymphatic massage, meridian work and acupressure points all form a part of the whole balancing session
I can also test your muscle reaction to body lotions, soaps, toothpastes, creams, washing up liquid, leaves, washing powder, perfumes...etc.   If you come in contact with it, I can muscle test your reaction to it...!!!

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