What is Kinesiology?

Systematic Kinesiology -  Holistic Complementary Therapy using Gentle Manual Muscle Testing  
We gain access to the body’s bio-feedback mechanism for information about the client.  Within kinesiology, testing a range of muscles indicates areas which need focus. If a muscle tests "spongy" it gives an indication of how to proceed.  Whenever a relevant factor is introduced, the muscle response changes, a bit like a switchKinesiology supports you through a range of health conditions

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ASK test_detect_balance large circles      Facets of  Systematic Kinesiology
  • Natural, gentle, non-intrusive / non-invasive
  • Flexible, adaptable treatment 
  • Holistic - Treats you AS A WHOLE
  • Many many tools and techniques
  • Looks at the cause of the symptoms
  • Listens to the body's communication
  • Can be used with other treatment
  • Empowering and confidence boosting
  • Encourages control of wellbeing
  • Suitable for all ages


 If the only tool you have is a hammer 
then all of your problems
will be a nail.....!

 Kinesiology Southwick, Sussex

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Individual & YOUnique Kinesiology Treatments
At the beginning of the first kinesiology appointment I will discuss why you have chosen systematic kinesiology and why you have chosen me for your kinesiology sessions.  I will then go through a questionnaire which you will have seen beforehand to assess your  current state of  health, your lifestyle, what you want to achieve and what is achievable and in what timeframe….this is very important and I will help you set realistic goals for the kinesiology sessions

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The kinesiology session and testing is carried out fully clothed laying down on a comfortable couch.  This in itself is very calming.  There will be a series of kinesiology muscle tests against light pressure on the arms and legs and we can then introduce different options to see what changes the muscle response.  The options may be lymphatic massage, flower remedies, nutritional supplements or energy work.   Also, I am able to integrate techniques from reflexology, retained primitive reflexes, low level laser work and other therapies such as EFT (emotional freedom technique) to help make the treatment unique to your needs.  We can also devise together a procedural plan for potential lifestyle changes which will help you achieve the change you desire.

My goal is to make Kinesiology a household name and to make
Systematic Kinesiology a discipline that EVERYONE wants to learn
It is difficult to say how many sessions will be required – the beauty of humanity is that we are all different..!  The lovely thing about kinesiology is that it treats you as YOU.  The average is at least 3 and this could be more depending on the severity of your condition, what lifestyle changes you are prepared to make, how long you have had symptoms and how many “layers” you are willing to unravel but there is absolutely no pressure to discuss anything you dont want to. 

Any treatment given is not intended to replace guidance from your doctor or other health care professional who should be contacted for advice if you have any health concerns. Links to external websites are for interest only, and we do not accept responsibility for the content of any website links
Treatment may include  Bach Flower Essences, ESR, EFT, chakra balancing
This may be stress to the body in the form of sensitive foods, poor nutrition, erratic eating habits, dehydration.  Kinesiology will test to see what will help the body - either eliminating certain foods for a short while or supplementing with good quality nutrition
Physical / Structural
Kinesiologists will not manipulate the body in the way a Chiropractor or Osteopath would.  Instead they use lymphatic massage and light contact or low level laser light on neuro-vascular points or cranium to relieve pain and tension in joints
This element may indicate the need for more water, holding of meridien energy interchange points or meridien work.  It can also involve retained Primitive Reflexes
Self Help Tools to Take Home    I encourage clients to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing to ensure that the benefits of the kinesiology sessions are magnified and I will make suggested recommendations for lifestyle changes which, if the clients take up, will speed their recovery.  I can also give specific exercises relevant where there are retained primitive reflexes that have not been fully integrated
"All of life is interrelated... whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly"  Martin Luther King
What is Kinesiology? 
Systematic Kinesiologists are proud that this modality is truly holistic.  This word is used a lot nowadays and in terms of kinesiology holistic" means the Whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
Kinesiology has a multitude of tools and techniques which can be picked to suit individual needs

All human beings are composed of the following elements - Emotional, Chemical, Physical and Electrical Any one or more of these elements may require kinesiology balance during a treatment, depending on the individual

Through kinesiological muscle testing we can ensure that your time during treatment is spent really effectively and whats more that the supplements you may choose to take really are the right ones for you.  I know only too well that feeling of standing in a health food shop looking at the vast array of pills and potions and wondering what the difference between them was...!!