Kinesiology Training Foundation Course Overview

"ask Dotty manThank you Linda for a life changing few months from L1 through (much to my surprise) to L4!!   I am a changed person, entirely for the better. Kinesiology has brought together everything I’ve ever learnt and taken it all to a higher level. I feel empowered, focused and  finally, on My Path.  I would recommend this course to anyone - you are an inspirational teacher & gifted practitioner.  Thank you again - what a journey!"     More testimonials here

  Why Attend a Kinesiology Foundation Course ?
Because it is absolutely FANTASTIC..thats why

Who this Kinesiology Course is suitable for:
*  Anyone interested in health and wellbeing
*  Reflexologists, Masseurs wanting new modality
*  Nutritionists, Homeopaths wanting diagnostic tool
*  Parents, Teachers, Community Workers
*  Chiropractors, Osteopaths
*  Individuals wanting a career change
*  Beauty Technicians needing a holistic approach
*  Any Practitioner wanting to branch out
*  Personal Development and/or CPD
*  Career Development Loan may be available

No other modality balances:
* Nutritional
* Emotional
* Chemical
* Structural                             Next course dates here
* Physical
* Chinese 5 Elements
* Acupressure Meridians

* Chakra Energy

All at the same time ..!

ASK #Test_detect_balance
 See all these AMAZING techniques you will learn:
Level I
Stress reduction - learning
Help for Mental Fatigue
Muscle Testing language
Muscle Test 8 muscles
Whole Person approach
X-Crawl for co-ordination
Emotional Stress Release
Lazy Eights & Writing
Dehydration Test
Diaphragmatic Breathing
Meridian Energies
Ears as aerials for hearing
Retain learning
Visual Inhibition
Reading Blocks
Joy of Learning Recall
Level 2
Pulse Synchronisation
7 Factors of I.V.F
Sartorius for Stress
Responsible Muscle Tests
9 new Muscle Tests
Surrogate Testing
Neuro-vascular points
Neuro-lymphatic maps
Meridian Wheel Flow
Food Sensitivity Testing
Nutritional Testing
Breast Congestion
Fears and Phobias
Wheel Energy Balancing
“Figure of Eight” energies
Balance “aura” energies”
How long does it last?
Level 3
Kinesiology for Prevention
6 new Muscle Tests
Wrist pulses
Excess "over" energy
“Self-Talk and Self-Esteem”
Balanced Affirmations
Pain Dispersal with E.S.R
Emotional Tissue Memory Scanning
Protein and Mineral Test
Healing power of Baroque
Gait Energy Balancing
Chinese 5 Elements
Level 4
Holistic Balancing Overview
Balancing “in the mode”
Bi-lateral Piriformis 
Bi-lateral Hamstring
Fix it in motion

Meridian “Flushing”
Left/Right Brain integration
Relieving Muscle Cramps
Pulling all together
Chinese 5 elements for emotions
A glimpse of the Practitioner Course – horizons in balance
Levels 5 and 6
20 more muscles to test and treat within the 5 element structure covering shoulders, adrenals, ankles in particular
Additional techniques for structural imbalance
*  Origin and Insertion massage
*  Spindle Cell manipulation

*  Hidden weakness
*  Sustained weakness
*  Fascia testing and massage
*  Stretch induced weaknesses
*  Reactive Muscles

*  Where it is it isn't
Cloacal energy
Realms finger modes
Alarm points and more on 5 elements
Putting it all together - balances on shoulders, ankles, hips etc

you for your messages of encouragement - they are greatly appreciated!  I really enjoyed the Kinesiology Training Course and am going to miss our monthly get togethers.  I know its all going to be useful stuff and I really hope I can get to the Kinesiology Practitioners Course next year, which largely depends on finance (and on me doing enough practice from now on!).  ...
"Amazing, fantastic! I loved learning a new skill to add to my Nutritional Practice, I found learning about Kinesiology was an enlightening experience and I am looking forward to using my new found kinesiological knowledge in helping people enhance their journeys in life.   I feel very lucky to have found your course and to have been trained by yourself. You are a lovely person, extremely helpful and a joy to listen to. You have helped give me the confidence to believe in myself, and to help others with my holistic approach" Thank you" JS, Kent


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