Nutrition and Kinesiology

I am a Systematic Kinesiologist and use muscle testing as a way of finding out where there is imbalance in the body.  It is a diagnostic tool but we DO NOT diagnose disease.  We believe that, left untreated, imbalance in the body can lead to disease and that ANY imbalance will multiply because the mind and body is very clever at adapting and compensating.

Kinesiology treats all realms of the body.  What do I mean by that?  Well, if you are ill and :Nutritional Supplements

* go to see a Nutritionist they will take a case history, find out what you want to improve in your health and with their knowledge assess what you are eating too much of, what you may not be eating enough of and what supplements may benefit you, either long term or temporarily.  This takes skill and they get great results - PROVIDED that your ill-health and ailments are rooted in nutritional imbalance

* go to see a Psychiatrist/Counsellor they will assess how your mind is working, how your thought patterns are affecting your life and behaviour and recommend strategies for changing negative patterns.  Extremely worthwhile and will get great results PROVIDED that your ill-health and ailments are rooted in emotional imbalance.

* go to see a Chiropractor or Osteopath or Physiotherapist who will assess your body structure and may manipulate any spinal or joint imbalance and will get great results PROVIDED that your ill-health and ailments are rooted in structural imbalance.

You can see where I'm coming from....each of these very worthwhile Practitioners will treat you - just an element of you depending on their expertise.  With kinesiology we look at ALL THE REALMS of the body and mind.

* emotional

* structural

* chemical

* electrical

through muscle testing.  We can then find out the underlying cause and what kind of treatment you may need:

* nutrition, dietary changes, food sensitivity

* bach flower remedies, emotional stress release, talking

* manual lymphatic massage, neuro vascular holding points

* meridien tracing, chakra balancing

or - and most probably - a combination of ALL treatments because IT IS NEVER JUST ONE THING that is causing the imbalance.  We are complex individuals - emotional worry can trigger surprising physical ailments, continued neck pain will start to affect our back and ankles, eating food which disagrees with us will affect bowels, cause headaches, create skin disturbance etc....  Kinesiology is so clever, yet so simple, and finding the cause and fixing it.

Of course we dont have magic wands....we need clients to be engaged in the process of wanting to get well (at least on the surface - a surprising number of people have a vested interest in being ill.....and they will deny it but its true)

Specifically in terms of nutrition, Kinesiology is wonderful because it takes out the guesswork.   Using real food, or homeopathic vials, a Kinesiologist can quickly assess which foods are affecting you negatively and which part of you it is affecting - ie bowels, skin, stomach, head.  It can also assess whether you should cut the food out completely as a short term measure or whether there is just a quantity problem.   Also, a Kinesiologist can save you a small fortune in supplements - BY TESTING WHICH ONES ARE SPECIFICALLY RIGHT FOR YOU AT THAT PARTICULAR POINT IN TIME..... You would be amazed at the difference in different brands - no more standing in a state of confusion in the Health Shop looking at rows and rows of bottles wondering which ones you should buy.  You can be safe in the knowledge and once tested, a Kinesiologist can PRIORITISE the best nutritional supplements for you - AND treat your emotional, structural and electrical health at the same time....