Testing Retained Primitive Reflexes for Kinesiologists

Next date - Tuesday 30th July 2019 at the Gathering Place, Brighton

Highly Recommended - I've done this Primitive Reflex Course with Linda Belcher and its great

I attended Linda's Primary Reflex course in Bristol and it has been invaluable, I learned so much and was able to incorporate it into my practice almost immediately.  I thoroughly recommend learning and attending this one day workshop.  P. Raven ASK Dip, HBT, PhSh Hom.

Thanks Linda.  I really enjoyed the course and am gonna tuck in next week when I have clients booked.  You clear explanations and demonstrations of techniques along with your easy easy manner makes for a perfect combination.  Please keep me informed of any future courses you are running

I've just completed Linda's 'Retained Primitive Reflexes' course in Bristol and absolutely loved it. The course in itself is fascinating and for me, the missing part to the Kinesiology training I've had. Linda is a very experienced, approachable and generous in sharing her wealth of knowledge.I can't recommend highly enough and look forward to training with Linda again in the future. Thanks again Linda

Many thanks for the information and your informative and fun training in such relaxed nice atmosphere. I’m looking forward to start using the techniques for my family also in my clinics!  And I hope to see you again in the near future.

If you are a Systematic Kinesiologist, trained either to Practitioner or Foundation level then this Interactive Workshop will be of interest to you
Next date - Tuesday 30th July 2019 at the Gathering Place, Brighton

Primary Reflexes are automatic stereotyped movements directed from the brain stem to assist survival in first weeks of life. They soon need inhibiting by higher brain centres to allow more sophisticated neural structures to develop.

The Impact of the Primary Reflexes

  • All serve a purpose but should all be integrated by around 2 years old
  • If still present they prevent neurological development (Reactive patterns)
  • The central nervous system remains immature

 What Will you Learn

  • How to recognise indications that any of the 12 Primitive Reflexes may not be integrated
  • How to muscle test
  • How to integrate with other kinesiology techniques
  • How to balance with kinesiology and exercise
  • What type of homework to give the client


£125 for the day