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Yesterday I had a busy day planned – lots of clients, admin and a cheeky sit in the sun maybe..!   GREAT….

Then I woke feeling rubbish – really rubbish … threatened cold, sore throat and headache.  I could easily have turned over, “phoned in sick”, and gone back to sleep.  To be honest it was tempting.

What did I do?  Did I take a homeopathic remedy, drink lots of water, bit of cross crawl and shower?  NOPE.   I had 2 bits of toast – WHITE toast… extra cup of tea (I did resist the urge to put sugar in it) and 2 paracetemol….   AND I was rather pleased with myself..!!!

JEEZ I hear you cry….    You ate WHEAT – you didn’t have PROTEIN - you took MEDICATION..!!   YOU, who are a proponent of natural health and positive eating.

Well, yes. I am.  AND I’m a proponent of allopathic medicine and the belief that “a little of what you fancy does you good – moderation is the key.”   Also, I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to headaches – I just can’t function when I’ve got one.   I had run out of my natural pain relief (which DOES work)  I had a busy day – I didn’t want to let clients down and I wanted to do a good job – they pay me after all.!!

So why was I so chuffed with myself?  After all, I’d been wheat/gluten free for some time, not had sugar or wine and doing quite well.    Well the truth is, the painkillers did their job as the headache lifted – I enjoyed every mouthful of the toast (such a rare treat.!) and the tea gave me a push.  YES I know its artificial push but I needed it.     I got through the day successfully and had some good client sessions.  

I have spent years trying to be perfect through an all or nothing approach.   I am sure I have done every diet there is and my own too – been successful and then slipped back because a bit like an alcoholic being “dry” for a while, they are just waiting for the next opportunity they can drink again once the time is up.  So, not so long ago, 2 bits of toast I’d have thought, well that’s it then – may as well blow it all now – I’d probably have had 2 more bits – WITH jam - AND raided the biscuit tin too for good measure.  In recent years, since kinesiology, I have railed against the “all or nothing” approach with food.  I have become more balanced.   I know that I’m generally healthy and a treat won’t kill me or set me back.   I can’t pretend it’s been easy but I certainly FEEL easier round food now.    Yes I had 2 bits of white toast, but the rest of the day I was back to healthy – BINGO.!

There can be a tendency amongst naturopathic practitioners to wage war on allopathic medicine – us or them – “all medication is evil – natural is the ONLY way” etc etc – not the best mantra for someone with my natural tendencies.  As a general rule I will avoid any kind of pain killer and in recent years taking any has resulted in me feeling like some sort of failure.  With my new found balance I can put that behind me – 2 painkillers in a generally healthy person is fine and that’s where it will stop.

So now I am ordering my natural painkillers (contact me if you’d like to know what they are – they are awesome).  Planning my new week and not stressing every minute about what I am or am not going to eat.

If you’d like kinesiology to help you in life’s challenges, do get in touch…..



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