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Am I too Judgemental to Help Heal?

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This was the heading of an email I received last week:

"Are you too Judgemental to Help Heal ?"

Interesting question - the gist of the email was saying that if a Doctor asks you questions and you perceive that you may be "told off" for a response (ie how many units of alcohol do you drink) then the chances are that you would lie.  Likewise if you are expected to answer in a certain way you will try to please (ie Health Practitioner asks - how many glasses of water do you drink)

As a Practitioner I REALLY WANT my clients to tell me the truth.  If I ask them what they eat I REALLY WANT TO KNOW - what I DONT want to know is what they DONT eat (which many interpret that question as)  Therefore I really hope I encourage open communication and honesty because otherwise I can't help.   If - for example - a client forgets to take supplements - I need to know because if its the odd occasion, we all do that but if there is an underlying reason why they are NOT taking them I can help - otherwise if they are not getting better as quickly as I think (or hope) they should and I think that is in spite of the supplements (which they may not be taking) we will all be on the wrong track and ultimately they will lose faith in me and it will cost them a lot more money in additional treatments while we get to the root of the problem.   If they are honest and say they can't remember or they dont like them or they cant afford them, at least I can help unpick all that NON-JUDGEMENTALLY without telling them off... and find ways around it.

When teaching I try to instil into my students a sense of self-respect for themselves AND for their clients (even if they are initial case studies they are still clients).     NOBODY wants to be "tut-tutted" for wearing an under-wired bra, or for lifestyle choices they may be making.  Equally we learn how to suggest alternatives and overcome objections without making the client feel small and also learn how to check whether there are any sub-conscious fundamental conflicts which are "rewarding" them for remaining stuck..

Of course we are human too and may feel frustration inside - but often that frustration is with ourselves for our own perceived inadequacies or lack of knowledge.

So if you are seeing a Complementary Practitioner of ANY discipline and they ask you questions - PLEASE be honest - if you are mocked for this I suggest you seek another - pronto..


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