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What do I mean when I say I will work "with you"

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open to allI often refer to "working WITH clients" in my Practice.   I also advise students that we have "clients" not "patients" because in kinesiology we are giving people tools to continue helping themselves, as well as of course balancing them during the session - whereas a patient is someone who receives medical treatment.  

When I say I work WITH you I discuss:

* what do YOU want to achieve - not so much what do I think you should aim for

* what have YOU tried already - I dont want to repeat anything that may not be the right approach for you

* do YOU have realistic expectations - a long standing injury or complaint of 10 years + will not (well not often.!) be eradicated in one or even two sessions

* is it preferable for YOU to return for another session soon (in next 1- 2 weeks) or more beneficial to wait till any recommended supplements kick in - what can you afford?  Sometimes in cases of anxiety and depression its best for YOU to keep the momentum and personal contact and other times it can be better for YOU to wait 4-6 weeks.

* would YOU like clear cut instructions and be told exactly what to do (ie take this at 10am, eat this at lunch, do this at 3pm.....) or do you prefer broad information and a wider remit to incorporate changes as you feel right

* what are YOU prepared to do in the meantime (supplements, lifestyle changes), and are you prepared to possibly give up something that has been contributing to your demise - that's not to say a whole long list of food and drink to avoid and a boring restrictive diet and exercise regime or hundreds of affirmations BUT one or two small contributions to a change of mindset or attitude or maybe taking a supplement to help your digestion (for example) and/or drinking a small glass of water every time you make a cup of tea

* would interim half hour Reflexology or Reiki sessions be beneficial to YOU for a couple of months instead  (or interim Kinesiology sessions for those reflexology clients)

So you can see that the trend here is that its about YOU not me....  I can use all my skill and knowledge to give you information, advice, strategies and techniques but ultimately YOU are the one in control - and I can guide as much or as little as YOU are prepared to accept.

My work is wonderful but ultimately it is YOU that makes the difference.

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