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Feeling Numb

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SUE Scale (Subjective Units of Emotion)

One of the issues I end up discussing with my kinesiology clients after they have released negative emotions, memories, habits or feelings is “filling the gap”.  These have often become such a regular fixture of the person’s life that suddenly not having to deal with it, whilst a relief, leaves a wide gaping hole, which if not careful can be refilled with sludge and other negativity.  The analogy I use is in the garden – you can dig the weeds and maybe pull out an overgrown shrub and all the holly and prickly bits, leaving smooth soil ready for replanting OR a lot of churned up soil which left uncared for and filled up soon starts attracting further weeds or visiting wildlife “dumping ground” J

This can be a surprise to them.  They had maybe been looking forward to the day when they were free of whatever shackles they had perceived would never be released and then just feel numb.  This can also happen in the case of releasing anxiety or depression.   In these cases I find it useful to use the SUE Scale – Subjective Units of Emotion.   If the client decides where on the scale they are to start with (maybe -7) and then several days/weeks/months later finds themselves at 0 or “numb”, at least we can see visually that indeed they are moving UP the scale and haven’t yet tipped over into the positive numbers and feelings.

Dealing with any ill health, symptoms or problems with kinesiology is never just a case of pulling out weeds all in one go.  We gently peel away layers sometimes revealing other “seeds” they had forgotten had been sown.  Sometimes these seeds flower into something beautiful but sometimes they are unhelpful or in the wrong place.   Using a variety of wonderful kinesiology techniques such as visualisation, ESR (emotional stress release), eye release movements (using eye movement like windscreen wipers) and positive affirmations including tapping stuck meridian energy points, helped along with useful Bach Flower Essences (which of course we kinesiology muscle test for relevance) and/or vitamin supplementation to support the central nervous system, the client becomes able to become unstuck and able to move on.

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