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What do I mean by a Client-Centred Approach ?

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Kinesiology is wonderful because it treats people holistically.  What do I mean by that?   Well, we look at ALL the components of a client’s health and wellbeing, not just individual symptoms or elements:

  • Emotional wellbeing and general stress levels
  • Physical and structural integrity – bones and joints
  • Chemical input – skin and cleaning products, medication
  • Nutritional status – lack and surplus, current food choices, hydration
  • Electro Magnetic Stress – Bluetooth, wifi, strip lighting
  • Lifestyle  - work life balance, exercise, hours at work, enjoyment or otherwise

Then of course we want to know what it is they want “fixing”

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Guts, stomach, bowels, bloating
  • Skin, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis
  • Energy, just feeling “not quite right”
  • Physical pain – back, neck, knees, joints
  • Weight control
  • Food choices – confused by options
  • Anxiety and Depression – Phobias, fears
  • Etc….

And whatever it is they have come for, we have a range of techniques and tests we can do, but we ALWAYS look at the person not necessarily the symptoms

For example:

3 clients present with

  • energy problems
  • not feeling right since “recovering” from a virus

Rather than just giving a multi-vitamin and telling them all to adopt a plant based diet (or whatever)

  • Client A could be under stress following a close bereavement.  Their food intake appears healthy  although they eat 3 bananas a day.  They are a stay at home young mum and spend a lot of time alone. 
  • Client B could have historic love/hate/complex relationship with food.  They alternate between binging and restricting calories/gluten/dairy and worry about other food sensitivities.  They have bloating.
  • Client C could also have lower back pain.  They are a driven personality, working long hours.  They run 6 miles every day and eat a lot of take away food

Through my testing I could establish that:

  • Client A needs emotional support first and the energy may flow from that. They may need encouragement to find external sources of support.  I may give them a Bach flower essence remedy and test a couple of foods (definitely bananas) to check they do not have an unwitting sensitivity causing extra stress on the body while it deals with the grief
  • Client B may need some enzymes and probiotics to support the gut initially  BUT DEFINITELY DOES NOT need extra confusion around food choices at this time so I may give them permission to eat whatever they want (within reason) until I see them again when I MAY do some food sensitivity testing.
  • Client C may be dehydrated.  Their PSOAS and abdominal muscles could be unbalanced and supporting the dehydration in itself may give more energy and help the pain.  They may also need to change their exercise regime to something less strident.  They could probably (definitely!) do with nutritional support and education, however, just TELLING THEM to cook meals or take packed lunches will ensure they don’t return for a second visit!!

On returning for a follow up visit, I would check my previous findings to see how things have changed and of course get their input.  We can then proceed with the next layer of balancing treatment.

So 3 clients, 3 similar presenting “symptoms”, 3 different outcomes of their first session.

That’s why I love Kinesiology – everyone is treated as “You-Nique”

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