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Permission to feel Angry

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When we test a muscle in kinesiology we are looking for resistance – the client should be able to resist the very gentle pressure we are using.  We also look for the muscle to have a bit of “give” – it should “weaken” under certain conditions, otherwise we refer to it as “hypertonic” which means it doesn’t relax.

When we find a hypertonic muscle this can sometimes be more important to balance than an overtly “weak” one.

Today I had a client with a hypertonic anterior deltoid – this muscle relates to the gall bladder and in Chinese Five Elements the emotion is anger.  As I was able to test which “mode” (structure, chemical, nutritional, electro-magnetic or emotional) was relevant, and as it was emotion, I asked the client whether they were holding any anger.   The reply was instantly “no” and that they didn’t have any anger… A little bit more gentle exploration showed that there was indeed anger on many levels about many things – but that this had been repressed or “batted away” as  not seemly.

After a bit of a chat I suggested that the anger (as any other emotion) was theirs to do as they wished, but that there was nothing wrong (in my view) with “justifiable” anger… indeed we couldn’t spend our lives turning a blind eye to injustice or situations/behaviours that warranted feelings of anger, but it was how it was expressed that was important.

I showed a couple of techniques to release some of that anger, we explored some affirmations and we discussed some other alternatives for when they got home.  Then the muscle responded appropriately.

What was interesting was that the client felt so much better because, as they put it, they had been “given permission” to feel angry.  For them it was a HUGE feeling of release… having spent their life trying to be bountiful and all loving – which had become inappropriate.

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