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    I really don’t like exercise (I actually first wrote “I hate exercise” but feel that it’s not “right” to hate something that’s pretty important…!)    I always rather admire those people who go hiking up mountains, enjoying the open vistas and marvelling at the views while hardly breaking a sweat…. or those who look forward to every opportunity to exercise their body and go out on their bikes come rain or shine.  I was always hopeless at sports and the last one to be picked for the school teams…I hated everything about sports day, cross country running, netball and rounders.    I did love dancing however and did do that regularly into my late teens but sadly let it go by the wayside as it wasn’t “fashionable” at the time. 


    What does Holistic Mean

    Holistic is a word so often used by Natural Health Practitioners to describe their treatments, but what does it actually mean?


    OED description under "Philosophy" states: "characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole"


    and under "Medicine" states "characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease"



    Kinesiology training

    CONFESSION TIME – I really like the Little Mix new single “Little Me”.   Yep as a 54 year old definitely non-groupie non-X-Factor non-girl/boy band type, that song really spoke to me and it got me thinking, what would I tell me “little me” if I could.  Of course there are many therapies that do use this kind of technique – hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, TFT and even kinesiology has tools and exercises that aim to redress the balance of old unhelpful thought patterns, but somehow the beat of the song and simple mature lyrics really hit home.

    So, Little Linda, this is what I say to you…

  4.  TOP reasons for having a Kinesiology Treatment

    Preventative healthcare means you’ll save time and money in the long term,  you will look and feel wonderful and have more chance of achieving your goals

    Kinesiology Treatment

    Your body will communicate what it needs through the muscle test – no guesswork – you know the treatment will be targeted to YOU and will not be generic

    Truly Holistic
    No other treatment is as holistic – kinesiology approaches all elements of emotion, nutrition, chemicals, structure and energetic, which means you are receiving several treatments in one

    Positive Change
    Kinesiology helps you achieve positive change in your life – clarity of purpose, focus and direction  -  no more confusing messages or difficulty knowing what lifestyle changes to make

    Less Time off Sick
    Your employer will love you (even more)...!....

    Be Listened To
    When else can you lie down for 45 minutes to 1 hour and have someone REALLY listen to you.....

    Everyone will want to know your secret…   

    Let 2018 be the year you re-visit your Systematic Kinesiologist for regular sessions....



    Kinesiolgist Brighton

    I was at a function the other day where the inevitable question came up “what do you do”.  

    Hmm…. in my “pre-Partnered” days of (rare) clubbing and discos (showing my age now) I would experiment with such lofty titles of “Trainee Brain Surgeon” or, “Private Investigator” and when in a more frivolous mood, “Stripper”.!

    Now I have a quandary.  All the marketing advice tells us that we should explain the RESULTS not the TOOL and it should be snappy - so some of my esteemed colleagues say such things as “I make people feel wonderful and full of health” or “I use natural health methods and a range of techniques to restore people’s health and vitality”.  Somehow that all doesn’t sit right with me – I’m not saying it’s wrong, just that it doesn’t fit my personality or feel right for me.

    When I was newly qualified I tried “Kinesiologist”, which was usually met with a quizzical “what’s that” and then followed by glazed eyes as I went into long explanations of how marvellous it is and how


    Cost of HealthI was googling something to do with the cost of my car the other day and came up with this analogy for the cost of natural preventative healthcare.

    Apparently the average cost of running a car these days is £6700 p.a.  You certainly wouldn't want your car to run out of fuel, oil and water and have to have it serviced and MOT'd

    Having a kinesiology top up treatment with me 4 times a year would cost just £200 - treat it like insurance.....!

    Thats £16.66 per month, or £3.84 per week or 56p per day

    So - one bag of crisps per day OR 10 cigarettes per week OR 2 lattes per week....  Is that really not worth doing the swap for improved energy, reduced stress levels and a better running engine..!!!

    Cost of Health


     Should PRACTITIONERS have to be PERFECT


    Oh how I have asked myself this time and again..!

    How many hairdressers do we see with a less than perfect hairdo.. or carpenters with much work to do at home .. or dentists with awful teeth… or manicurists with chipped fingernails - you get my drift.!?

    Of course, the truth is that none of us are “perfect” – or as I prefer to think “perfect in our imperfections”.     I guess we are all “work in progress”