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    In the lovely circles I now mix in, “positive mental attitude” and “thinking big” and “thoughts become things” are all phrases I hear a lot of - and that really is great.   I wholeheartedly believe that illness is caused by constant negativity, and who wants to be around a whinger and whiner all the time!

    In kinesiology we have many techniques for enforcing positive affirmations, and very successful and helpful they are too.  However, when I am


    When I was a child there was a programme on TV called “Bizzy Lizzy”.  This little girl – called Lizzy – had a flower on her dress (which she wore ALL the time..!) which was magic.   As a child I loved magic – still do!   Whenever she touched this flower and made a wish the wish came true – how cool is that.  The draw-back was that she only got 3 wishes a day (shame) and if she over-did it and made 4, all 3 of them were rescinded….


    I always find it interesting as a Kinesiologist that when asking new clients what they eat – ie breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks – they always proceed to tell me what they don’t eat….!  It can take some gentle insistent persuasion to actually glean what actually is eaten and when.

    Of course, it can feel intimidating revealing what we consider to be “bad” habits and I hope I reassure clients that I am not there to judge, just to help.